Philosophy and Bio

The core of my counseling and coaching philosophy is that each client is a unique individual who will need something different from me. This means I take the time to learn your tendencies and ways of perceiving. I don’t jump to conclusions or make assumptions about your worldview. In session, I often ask clarifying questions to ensure I properly understand your perspective. This type of approach is especially important when working with multi-cultural clients whose cultural worldview is inevitably quite different from my own.

I also believe that the primary goal of counseling or coaching is to make strident measurable changes. I work hard to both learn the depths of my client’s stories and also to ensure that they are getting something tangible out of our sessions. I help my clients set goals and define how to measure them. I work with them to moderate their expectations of themselves into the realm of the possible and I celebrate victories and changes both big and small.

I provide support, encouragement, and I shine a light upon often overlooked strengths. People, on a whole, are far more powerful and resilient than they generally give themselves credit for.

I consider my work to be holistic. This means I’m always taking into consideration the psychological, sociological, physical, and spiritual aspects of my client’s realities. Each of these things synergizes and when one is off the whole system tends to go out of whack. If need be I will refer clients to other health professionals so they can treat their issues and ailments from multiple angles.

While it’s important for me to understand and learn about your past I believe that our primary focus needs to be in the present. Often, when we are wounded, the now mirrors the past. Thus, there’s no real need to focus extensively on the past since the present is already mirroring that time.

Perhaps the most important tenet of my counseling philosophy is that each client needs to feel that they are working with someone unbiased whom they deeply trust. With all my clients I strive to create an environment of neutrality, safety, and confidentiality because it is in this atmosphere that true change and growth is nurtured to maturity.


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A Brief Bio

I was raised in the mid-1980’s in a suburb outside of Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. Since that time I’ve enjoyed both an informal and formal education on people, systems, and psychological theories of the mind. My curiosity for understanding the complexities of people and society led me to study politics, anthropology, and literature during my undergraduate degree.

The decade between my undergraduate education and graduate education was spent traveling, teaching, meditating, continuing to self-educate and ultimately reconnecting with my family. That decade taught me the deep importance of connecting our minds to our hearts and the hearts of others if we hope to thrive as individuals. This newfound understanding, in part,  led me to focus my graduate studies on psychological counseling.

I currently reside in Zürich, Switzerland with my husband who’s a research scientist at The ETH, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich or The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich. 

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