Philosophy and Bio

My Philosophy and Therapeutic Orientation 

As a counselor and coach, I offer a safe, non-judgmental space for you to share and feel heard while exploring the complexities of your life.

I believe humans are resilient creatures. We are defined by far more than our struggles, whatever forms they may take.

Through the filter of this lens, I understand individuals from a strengths-based, holistic viewpoint.

I aim to help people uncover and release detrimental patterns of operating so they can learn to lead lives defined by peace and vitality.

While I believe some exploration of the past is necessary, both my counseling and coaching approaches focus primarily on the NOW.

We’ll explore what your goals are and together we’ll work to help you move steadily toward achieving them.

You are a unique individual. With that understanding in mind, I strive to tailor my counseling and coaching to fit the needs of each client I work with.

A Brief Bio

I was raised in the mid-1980’s in a suburb outside of Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. Since that time I’ve enjoyed both an informal and formal education on people, systems, and psychological theories of the mind. My curiosity for understanding the complexities of people and society led me to study politics, anthropology, and literature during my undergraduate degree.

The decade between my undergraduate education and graduate education was spent traveling, teaching, meditating, continuing to self-educate and ultimately reconnecting with my family. That decade taught me the deep importance of connecting our minds to our hearts and the hearts of others if we hope to thrive as individuals. This newfound understanding led me to focus my graduate studies on psychological counseling.

Professionally, I’ve worked in a hospital setting with clients who suffered from severe psychological diagnoses and college-aged students struggling with ADHD.

Additionally, I have assisted clients who were working through issues of creative process, experiencing relationship or marital discord, culture shock and expat transition issues, workplace dissatisfaction, along with as other concerns that are often the byproduct of living in this technological age.

I currently reside in Zürich, Switzerland with my husband who’s also my best friend. 

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