Elizabeth A. Carter MS, NCC, LPCA

Native English speaking counselor, coach, and hypnotherapist in Zürich, Switzerland 


I believe in viewing people in all their nuance and complexity. 

I learn people’s stories so I can view them in the defining context of their personal history.

You are unique and I respect that.  

If you work with me I’ll listen deeply and we’ll parse out confusing situations together. 

We’ll clarify your goals and just generally figure out what’s right for you. 

You are the expert on yourself and I will always encourage you to define your path forward as you see fit. 

As a counselor, I weave together a compassionate ACT based approach that is grounded in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychodynamic and humanistic therapies and is infused with mindfulness, body-centered awareness, and hypnotherapy.

As a coach, I use the momentum coaching method.

This means I help clients set goals, bring action plans to fruition, define success, focus and stay the course, celebrate achievements and explore barriers holistically. 

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