What Is Integrative Hypnosis and Guided Imagery?

So what exactly do I mean when I say I use integrative hypnosis and guided imagery? 

It means I use hypnosis and guided imagery as one of many tools I possess for encouraging change, but not the only one. 

The positive relationship you form with your therapist is the most significant contributing factor to your growth. 

Insight, therapeutic intervention, and hypnosis are only useful, if first, you feel secure you’re working with someone you can trust. 

During this process of building trust, I get to know you, your history, your ways of perceiving and behaving. I listen. I validate. I provide support, guidance, and understanding.

I also provide new ideas about how to manage internal phenomena and ideas on how to interact with yourself and those in your environment in novel ways. 

If and when the time is right we will incorporate hypnotherapy to reinforce the work we’ve already begun. 

And this balanced approach to utilizing hypnosis and guided imagery has been increasingly shown by research to accelerate positive changes over time.

To dispel a few myths about hypnosis and to view some research findings please see the infographic below. 

The Truths About Hypnosis

From Visually.

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