What Happens During Hypnosis?

What Happens During a Hypnosis Session?

Hypnosis is actually quite different depending on the age group you work with.

Hypnosis with children is largely a combination of play, storytelling, metaphor and conversational hypnosis.

Children are almost constantly in a trance state, which is why the process is in many ways simpler and subtler.

With adults, it’s a bit different.

For adults, a hypnosis session typically begins with an induction.

Hypnotic inductions are often relaxation techniques of some sort which aim to help you to feel safe and calm so you can send your focus inward. 

After you are comfortably and alertly in a trance state I will likely use one of the following tools:

  • guided imagery–similar to guided meditation scenes 

  • metaphors

  • stories and parables

  •  positive suggestions that are given either directly or indirectly

    •  I discuss the nature and structure of these suggestions in depth with clients before delivering them in session or on tape  

If we’re making a tape from our session I will record the first 10-15 minutes of hypnosis. 

Then I may turn off the recording and we will begin a conversation—yes that’s right you can speak while in a trance state.

During this conversation, we may discuss areas of your life or issues that have been blocking you.

I may help you connect or converse with parts of yourself that are hurting or lonely—offering them comfort and kindness.

There’s really a lot of powerful healing work that can be done while in a trance state.

After we’ve done the need work for the day, I will turn the recording back on.

And I will help you return to your normal state of alertness.

Then after our session, I’ll send you the recording for you to listen to at home.

Listening to recordings daily for 3-4 weeks has been shown by research to amplify progress and help anchor change.

Each of these methods plants a seed in the psyche that can develop and flourish in your mind. 

Which, with time, work, and repetition can potentially kick open the locked doors within you.

So you can open to existing in different and new ways.