Native English-Speaking Therapy in Zürich 

Counseling can potentially help you: 

Move forward with clarity about your goals

Ground your ideas in action

Feel calmer and less stressed about the future

Learn strategies for stress management

Understand your emotional reactions better and gain control over them

How to assert yourself in a healthy way by saying “no” when you need to

Learning how to identify and bypass your own self-sabotage

And much more as I get to know you and your individual way of interacting with the world.

I’ve worked with adults managing:



executive functioning problems

marital discord

self-esteem issues

identity confusion

expatriate transition issues

substance abuse 

culture shock 

sexuality issues 

narcissistic injuries and behaviors

psychological disorders

substance abuse


 university stressors

job stress

and much more…

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***If you are in a crisis or any other person may be in danger please call 117 in Switzerland, 911 in the US, or connect with your country’s local mental health authority for assistance.***