Research has shown that for individual counseling or coaching to begin being effective it typically takes about six sessions.

However, it can take anywhere from 3 months to 1 year (or more in some cases) for real and lasting changes to take hold. 

With that in mind, I offer discounted packages for clients who sign up for extended amounts of time. 

10% off 6 sessions (6 weeks) 

15% off 12 sessions (3 months)

20 % off 24 sessions (6 months)


***Session packages are billed in one lump sum at the outset of counseling/coaching



Counseling & Coaching Prices

Please note: I offer discounted rates to all University students

Online individual counseling/coaching

  •  50-60 minutes for 140 CHF

Individual counseling/coaching in-person:

  • 50-60 minutes for 150 CHF

Couples counseling (in person only)

  • 90 minutes for 225 CHF

Family counseling (in person only) 

  • 60 minutes for 200 CHF

  • 90 minutes for 250 CHF

Emails and phone calls

  • 2.50 CHF after the first five minutes. 

Hypnotherapy Pricing 

Often, when using hypnotherapy in my practice it is integrated into sessions, and thus is considered an included service. 

However, for certain conditions, it’s both psychologically and medically appropriate to receive stand-alone hypnotherapy.

Some of these Conditions include, but are not limited to: 

  • pain management

  • surgery preparation

  • allergy management

  • hypnobirthing

  • sexual dysfunction,

  • bad habits

  • phobia’s

  • athletic preparation

  • smoking cessation

  • and many others

I recommend engaging in at least three sessions so that the needed time to build rapport and comfort with entering into the trance state is established. 

I also offer personalized hypnosis recordings.

I do this because research has increasingly shown that using hypnosis recordings for a minimum of 21 days can help to reduce anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue, improve self-esteem and energy, increase self-mastery and motivation, and help with healing and relaxation. 

First Session and Two Follow up’s 

  •  90 minutes for the first session at 225 CHF

  • 60 minutes at 150 CHF for second and third sessions 

  • Total: 525 CHF

Fourth Sessions and Beyond Discounted 10% 

  • 60 minutes for 135 CHF

Want to learn more about how I can help? 

Set up a free 30-minute initial consultation today and discover if hypnotherapy is right for you.  

To clarify what hypnosis is and how it works please visit my Hypnosis FAQ page. 

Please email me directly to discuss the potential for sliding scale fees for any of my services.

My aim is to serve all members of the community and if finances are the limiting factor I am flexible, so as to provide help as much as possible.