Please note: I offer discounted rates to all University students, early career professionals, or clients who, for personal reasons, require lower pricing options. Please speak to me directly if any of these conditions apply. 

Counseling should always be available and affordable to those who seek it. 

*Counseling is not covered by Swiss supplemental health insurance 

Individual counseling/coaching:

  • 150 CHF for 50-60 mins 

  • 225 CHF for 90 minutes 

  • or 2.50 CHF per minute 

Family counseling:

  • 180 CHF for 60 minutes  

  • 270 CHF for 90 minutes 

  • Or 3.00 CHF per minute 

Emails and phone calls:

  • 3.00 CHF after the first five minutes. 

Want to learn more about how I can help? 

Set up a free 30-minute initial consultation today and discover if counseling is right for you.  

To discuss the potential for sliding scale fees for any of my services please email me directly.