Research has shown that for counseling or coaching to be effective it typically takes about six sessions. With that in mind, I offer discounted multi-session packages in addition to regular full price sessions. 

College student rate for online/in-person counseling/coaching

  • 60 minutes for 80 CHF*


  • 6 sessions for 420 CHF

Online counseling/coaching

  •  60 minutes for 100 CHF


  • 6 sessions for 500 CHF

Individual counseling/coaching in-person:

  • 60 minutes for 110 CHF


  • 6 sessions for 550 CHF

Couples counseling

  • 90 minutes for 160 CHF


  • 6 sessions for 860 CHF 

Family counseling

  • 90 minutes for 190 CHF


  • 6 sessions for 1040 CHF 

For every additional 15 minutes, I charge 25 CHF

Hypnotherapy Prices 

Typically, when using hypnotherapy in my practice I integrate it into sessions, so it is generally considered an included service. 

However, for certain conditions**, I understand that people would like to receive hypnotherapy without counseling or coaching. I offer this service at my own discretion and if I deem a client requires more than a few hypnosis sessions I will make that recommendation. 

Initial session: 

90 minutes for 210 CHF 

Two session follow up with included recording: 

Two 60-minute sessions for 280 CHF 


*CHF or $

**pain management, surgery preparation, allergy management, hypnobirthing, sexual dysfunction, bad habits, phobia’s, athletic preparation, smoking cessation, non-eating disorder related weight-loss, etc. 

Please email me directly to discuss the potential for sliding scale fees.