Low-Carb/Keto Diet Coaching

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel mentally clear, have more energy, and drop excess weight? With expert training in coaching, hypnosis, and a decade eating keto I take a holistic approach to low carb living.

Low carb diet coaching could be for you if…

You would like to start living a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle, but feel uncertain where to begin.

You’re struggling with indigestion, fatigue, inflammation, immunity issues, and excess body weight, and suspect your diet may be the culprit.*

You fear your unhealthy relationship with comfort foods won’t allow you to make the dietary changes you desire.

You’ve already been eating low carb for a while, and you’ve felt great when you do, but lately, it’s just been REALLY impossible to maintain.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, I’m here to help. 

My Low Carb Story 

About ten years ago, with my health failing due to a diet high in refined sugar and carbs, I made the switch to eating a low carb diet and since then the benefits have been manifold.

My digestion has greatly improved, my immunity is much stronger than it ever has been, my energy is much more stable, and my once fiery inflammation levels have drastically decreased. 

I’ve also shed unnecessary weight and learned to feel much more comfortable in my body than ever before. 

But the road hasn’t been easy. 

If you work with me I will use my collective personal knowledge of low carb living, along with my professional training in counseling and coaching, to help you get to the root causes that are blocking you from maintaining a healthy low carb lifestyle. 


So How Does Low Carb Diet Coaching work?

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To amplify the effectiveness of our work, you can opt to receive customized hypnosis tapes to listen to. 

In these recordings, I customize metaphors and create extended story arcs that reflect deep cultural, historical, and emotional patterns that are relevant to you. 

This highly individualized approach can help to reach the deep places in your psyche that have been resistant to making the changes you consciously desire. 

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I offer all potential clients a free 30-minute introductory phone call so they can get a feel for who I am and see if I’m the right coach for them.

You can email me here if you’d like to speak. 

Or to sign up for coaching you can click the button below to visit my coach.me page. 

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*I am not an herbalist or a doctor and I do not offer medical advice.