How does Low Carb Coaching Work?

You’re an individual and I believe that what works for you isn’t the same as what will work for someone else.

In my coaching I begin by learning about the nuances of your experience, your preferences, and your tastes, then I tailor any suggestions I make specifically to you.

I’ve found this to be both the most effective and respectful way to work with people.

I have over 300 recipes on file (and counting), extensive personally accrued knowledge about herbs and supplements*,  along with professional training in mindfulness, hypnosis, and the nuances of eating disorder pathology.

My coaching philosophy is grounded in self-acceptance.

My biggest value is personal wellness and health.

Weight loss is an appreciated byproduct of living and eating well, but not the primary goal.

Unfortunately, our desires for weight loss are often grounded in a sense of personal inadequacy and feelings of unworthiness.

The irony of this being when we feel inadequate and unworthy, we often emotionally eat to self-soothe.

Thus pushing us further and further from our weight-loss goals.

In order to lead a truly healthy and well lifestyle where the food choices we make are grounded in self-respect and self-acceptance, feelings of unworthiness have to be worked through and released.

If this sounds like your experience with wanting to lose weight, we will process through this destructive sense of personal inadequacy by targeting the negative core beliefs that have anchored this perception into your psyche.

Then we’ll work to blow through them.

So we can get you eating the way you want to be and feeling healthy, strong, and well.


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