Family Counseling

Families are complex organisms. Each member of the family contributes to the overall functioning of the whole. However, moving abroad can really disrupt the established dynamic of a family. After a big move, different members of the family may process or cope with the loss of their previous home differently.

The marital relationship can become strained and communication can feel counterproductive. Children may develop unexpected unhealthy new behaviors such as acting out, becoming despondent, wetting the bed, or any other slew of unwanted reactions.

Families can then splinter off into what feel like warring factions with certain parties at odds with one another or allied against each other. This is not the image of a happy family. However, if this sounds at all like your family perhaps I can help.

I use a systemic approach when working with families who are struggling to find harmony. This means I view the overall family dynamic as what needs to change. Together we will work to uncover the patterns of interaction that are not serving your family. Then, we’ll implement new strategies to aid in shifting things toward healthier, smoother functioning.

Family problems can feel unalterable, but in truth, there’s always hope for change when members are willing to work for it.

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