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Part of my practice is providing the community with interactive, educational events.

At these gatherings, you can collectively learn, experience, and share in some of the core tenets and themes of psychology and counseling. 

Below are descriptions and dates of upcoming events. 


 Stress Reduction; The Science of Calm

Join us to de-stress and relax with this mid-week pick me up!

Stress Reduction; The Science of Calm, is intended to provide participants with a research-backed understanding of what stress is, what its short term and long term effects are, along with experiential activities that will teach you how to lower your in the moment stressors wherever and whenever you need to.

Together, we’ll take a holistic look at how stress affects us on many levels and likewise how we can approach stress reduction from the multiple dimensions of ourselves: physically, environmentally, and internally.

After a brief talk and visual presentation, we will engage in many of the topics discussed. There will be mindfulness activities, a brief guided self-compassion meditation, and a simple self-hypnosis exercise that you can learn to use on your own. Each activity will be followed by a short discussion and reflection period.

All in all this first portion of the event should take approximately 45 minutes. At this point, we’ll take a short bathroom break then reconvene for a longer (15-20 minute) guided imagery meditation for relaxation and ego strengthening with an optional discussion afterward.

To to learn a bit more about what this event offers please view this youtube video.

Join us on Wednesday, July 17th from 18:30-20:00 at Stillpoint Spaces at Klosbachstrasse 99, 8032, Zürich.

Suggested contribution: 20 CHF or pay what you can 

To reserve your spot please go to 

Cohesion in Zürich: Psychology, Learning, & Experience

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Cohesion is defined as the action or fact of forming a united whole. However, so often, in the fast pace of everyday life, we feel scattered, spread thin, and disconnected fro…

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Stress Reduction: The Science of Calm

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