Native English Hypnotherapy in Zürich 

Hypnosis is a powerful and potentially very effective tool when used in the service of personal growth.

It utilizes a heightened state of focus and attention to assist clients in expanding their inner potentialities so they can move beyond stuck habits and behaviors.

Hypnosis can help you mobilize the power of your imagination to create internal emotional landscapes that can become oases of peace and tranquility.

I utilize clinical hypnotherapy, a gentle, client-directed form of hypnosis, whose primary aim is helping you feel calm, well, and in control. 

I also offer all my clients the option to receive individualized hypnosis recordings. 

This is because research has increasingly shown that using hypnosis recordings for a minimum of 21 days can help to reduce anxiety, depression, pain, and fatigue, improve self-esteem and energy, increase self-mastery and motivation, and help with healing and relaxation. 

In these recordings, I customize metaphors and create extended story arcs that reflect deep cultural, historical, and emotional patterns that are relevant to you. 

This highly individualized approach can help to reach the deep places in your psyche that have been resistant to making the changes you consciously desire. 

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To clarify what hypnosis is and how it works please visit my Hypnosis FAQ page. 

You can also check out some research from Stanford and the University of Quebec on the power of hypnotherapy to alter brain regions and positively influence the therapy process.

Here you can find a New York Times Op-Ed piece from a writer who experienced incredible relief from crushing anxiety and OCD with the help of hypnosis. 

The internal experience of a powerful emotion becomes a reality to the mind. 

Below are a few examples of issues I use hypnosis and guided imagery to help people with: 

life transition and adjustment issues 



mental health conditions 


relationship issues 

weight loss/leading a healthy lifestyle


smoking cessation


IBS and gastric disorders

pain management

surgery preparation

allergy management


sexual dysfunction

bad habits

athletic preparation

and much more!

To clarify what hypnosis is and how it works please visit my Hypnosis FAQ page. 


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