Hypnotherapy in Zürich 

Above is a brief audio sample of a guided imagery session for relaxation. 

***Please do not listen to this recording when operating a vehicle, or any type of machinery***

Hypnosis and guided imagery are powerful and potentially very effective tools when used in the service of personal growth.

That’s why I weave hypnosis and guided imagery into both my counseling and my coaching if a client feels comfortable with this modality.

I also use hypnosis independent of formal counseling and coaching if the issues a client presents are appropriate for this modality.*

Hypnosis utilizes a heightened state of focus and attention to assist clients in expanding their inner potentialities so they can move beyond stuck habits and behaviors, into a life that is more clearly aligned with the one they desire to be living.

Guided imagery can help you utilize the power of your imagination to create internal emotional landscapes that can become oases of peace and tranquility.

These inner landscapes can also provide you with new inner experiences that align with the ways you’d like to be feeling or experiencing your life but currently are not. 

The internal experience of a powerful emotion becomes a reality to the mind. 

To potentially amplify the effectiveness of our work, you can opt to receive customized hypnosis and guided imagery recordings to listen to outside of our sessions. 

In these hypnosis and guided imagery recordings, I customize metaphors and create extended story arcs that reflect deep cultural, historical, and emotional patterns that are relevant to you. 

This highly individualized approach can help to reach the deep places in your psyche that have been resistant to making the changes you consciously desire. 

Below are a few examples of issues I use hypnosis and guided imagery to help people with: 

life transition and adjustment issues 



mental health conditions 


weight loss/leading a healthy lifestyle

pain management

surgery preparation


smoking cessation


IBS and gastric disorders

And much more…

For more information on what hypnosis is and isn’t please visit my Hypnosis FAQ page. 

To learn more about integrative hypnosis and guided imagery please click here.

*pain management, surgery preparation, allergy management, hypnobirthing, sexual dysfunction, bad habits, phobia’s, athletic preparation, smoking cessation, non-eating disorder related weight-loss, etc.