Daily Text Habit Coaching

As a habit coach, I work through the coach.me online platform with people in multiple areas of their life.

This means I offer daily online chats in which we:

        • Set realistic goals.
        • Develop an action plan.
        • Determine how to measure success.
        • Focus and stay on track.
        • Track progress and set deadlines.

Whether it’s about learning to set priorities for your day, leading a life full of gratitude, finally taking up that meditation habit, exercising, eating keto learning to focus on studying more, or getting a handle on ADHD or anxiety, I offer affordable packages beginning at $14.99 a week (or $65.99 a month) to help you achieve the small yet seemingly unattainable goals that have eluded you thus far.

Check me out on coach.me to sign up for digital habit coaching!

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