Couples Counseling

English Couples Counseling in Zürich

Life changes can bring with them marital strife and communication breakdowns. Suddenly your partner, who was once your trusted ally, can seem like an adversary who hears little of what you say and understands less.

If this situation sounds familiar perhaps I can help.


English Couples Counseling Zurich

Couples Therapy in Zürich

When working with couples I focus on being a neutral party who hears and sees from both perspectives.

My goal is to help you to learn to communicate in new ways that allow you to bypass the surface expressions of your issues so you can get to the core of what has stymied your relationship thus finding reconnection and resolution. 

With the shared efforts of two struggling, but earnestly committed partners, couples therapy can catalyze both marital and personal growth which leads to greater peace and harmony. 

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