Hypnosis with Children

Conversational hypnosis involves communicating in a way that helps the listener open to a multiplicity of options. 

For example, while painting or coloring I might casually say to a young child who disliked going to school,

“Maybe you’d like to think about a time when being at school was fun? Everyone has fun sometimes, even at school.  Every day changes, every day brings new and different things and isn’t it exciting to know that fun things at school can be the new things that all this change brings with it? And really the only way to find out about the new fun things is to go to school and to have fun, but it’s really up to you if you want to have fun at school.” 

This kind of conversation has a number of embedded messages in it. 

It states a truth the child cannot deny– everyone has fun sometimes. 

It makes the point that things are constantly changing–sometimes children get stuck in ideas about things being “bad and unchanging” which can lead to aversion. 

Then there’s a direct command “go to school and have fun” nested in a long, seemingly rambling sentence. 

Finally, I give the option to have fun or not–making things a choice amplifies a suggestions ability to be accepted.